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Plexobit Software Solution

The Salesforce Partner You Can Trust.

Plexobit is a Salesforce Integration Service which helps companies of all sizes to design and deploy strategic business solutions for improving customer relationships, efficiency of operations, and employability. We are a company with a mission to be the best Salesforce company in the region, which means delivering an exceptional customer experience in all of our interactions.

We at Plexobit are here to bring together IT Services clients and Salesforce developers, revolutionizing the way the world works by simplifying everything through our numerous services. At Plexobit, we always say that we are never complacent. 

Rather, we are striving for constant improvement. It’s important to push ourselves beyond familiar activities, processes, and routines. Using this philosophy, we started to look at how we work with Salesforce.

Who we are ?

Plexobit began operations in the city of Jaipur in 2019. Since then, we have completed over 30 projects and brought smiles to the faces of our clients. We at Plexobit understand that salesforce is a versatile business-to-business cloud computing company. Salesforce deals in customer relationship management, sales force automation, analytics, commerce, and marketing management etc.

The variety of services provided by the company has created a huge demand for Salesforce integration in the current business scenario. With the growing demand, our expertise has been tested on various occasions in order to fit into clients' requirements. We can help you integrate Salesforce with your website if you choose not to host it on the platform, or move a current database over to the new Salesforce structure as well.Our team of professionals is highly trained and equipped to deliver the best and most hassle-free service to our clients.

We at Plexobit understand the importance of fast delivering solutions as well as technology making decisions. We are leveraging our experience in the Salesforce world and our networking within the industry to bring together a team of experienced consultants with expertise in implementing Salesforce applications within an Agile and Waterfall approach to develop the best Agile and Waterfall compliant solution for your business.

Our Process :

Anyone who has used Salesforce knows how incredibly flexible and powerful it is. When it comes to the development and support of your applications, however, there are many aspects that can cause frustration. This is where Plexobit steps in. We understand your needs and follow a step by step process to identify what’s best for you. 

The goal of Plexobit is to help your salesforce team be more efficient and build better relationships with prospects and clients. We can’t achieve this goal without understanding your business properly. We don’t listen to you to answer, but to understand what exactly can be done to make it a seamless experience for you.

We have always believed that customers should be able to get what they need delivered as soon as possible, and hence we put our efforts into understanding what results you desire to deliver you an optimum solution.

We at Plexobit believe in transparency and believe that the best results only come when both parties put their inputs into creating it. For us to take your business to the next level, it is important to understand your vision and work hand in hand with it to develop.

Nothing makes us happier than delivering you software which, in coming years, won’t only make your business more efficient, but will also become a prime reason for your business to grow exponentially.

Salesforce is quickly becoming the leading enterprise social network, designed for both small and large companies while offering unparalleled user-friendliness. With numerous improvements made to the Calendar, Forms, Matrix, and other core elements of the platform, Salesforce users have access to a more powerful and intuitive experience than ever before. Even if you are already using Salesforce for your business and looking for the best way to get more customers, then look no further. We at Plexobit provide tons of great features at an affordable price, which has made it easier than ever for any small business or individual to get started or expand their network. Reach out to us and talk to our experts to give your business wings with Plexobit.