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Salesforce Integration

Plexobit is a Salesforce Integration expert who works with businesses to integrate Salesforce with other business applications such as CRM, marketing automation, and other business systems. The integration of Salesforce with other systems, such as white-label applications, enables businesses to take advantage of the features offered by the platform.

Through the use of Salesforce Integration Services, you can achieve higher levels of productivity by connecting your Salesforce data with other SaaS applications, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Creating new connections, extending and improving existing ones, and managing them all from a single intuitive interface is at the heart of Salesforce Integration Services’ functionality.

Given that no commercially available integration software can meet the specific requirements of a company, companies turn to experts to design a custom solution for them. In addition to providing advice on the best integration strategy, our Salesforce integration consultants can assist with projects of any size.


white-label applications, enables businesses to take advantage of the features offered by the platform.

MuleSoft Integration

Consider Plexobit as your digital transformation partner of choice if you want to gain insights from your data while also delivering the business value of digital transformation. Our Mulesoft Integration and Consulting Services are customised to meet your specific requirements and will assist you in accelerating your transition to the cloud.   By connecting all of a company’s business systems, Plexobit provides Salesforce integration services and consulting to assist them in successfully achieving digital transformation. Using Mulesoft, we are assisting organisations in connecting to and taking advantage of the API connectivity ecosystem, which will not only allow you to provide the best customer experiences, but will also allow you to drive business both in the cloud and on-premises.

E-Commerce Integration

Using the Salesforce ECommerce Integration feature, you can connect major ecommerce platforms with Salesforce in a simple and seamless manner. It will assist you in completing any task associated with the sales or commerce process. Integration of Salesforce ECommerce into your business becomes a critical component of achieving higher sales revenue. It assists with customer management, sales, inventory management, and a variety of other tasks that are necessary for running a successful business.

Salesforce CTI Integration

Using Salesforce, we can assist you in integrating third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems or activating the platform’s CTI toolkit, which will allow you to increase sales while simultaneously improving service quality and speed of delivery. It contributes to the improvement of call management by identifying and routing incoming calls, enabling VoIP and PSTN calling, and by analysing key performance indicators (KPIs) and other data. Twillo, Ring Central, and other similar services are examples.

Salesforce Email Integration

It is critical to compose and oversee your day by day required errands in a productive manner. This includes sending emails (including Gmail), undertakings, making arrangements, and signing contracts. Plexobit’s Salesforce Email Integration increases your business productivity and sales. It connects your Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to Salesforce so you can send, receive, and track emails from the CRM in real time. This means no more logging into multiple applications or remembering what’s pending in each one.

ERP Integration

Plexobit’s Salesforce ERP integration solution provides a cost-effective model for managing all aspects of the sales funnel, automating manual processes, and leveraging data across the enterprise for better decision-making. Through Salesforce CRM, sales representatives can get a 360-degree view of their customers by checking stock-related data, shipments, and invoices in real-time. Plexobit Salesforce ERP integration allows sales reps to be more productive by giving them an accurate and real-time view of the pipeline. The integration also aids in the automation of routine tasks, allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks such as closing deals, increasing revenue, and gaining new customers.

Social Media Integration

It is critical to track the activities of social media platforms in order to improve user engagement and experience. Plexobit Salesforce Social Media Integration is a one-stop solution for Salesforce CRM users who want to integrate their social media accounts. Using it, you can integrate social media into your company’s workflow, gaining detailed insights and updates about your customers’ activities on social media, allowing you to increase your company’s visibility and sales. To increase your company’s customer visibility on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we offer services to integrate social media platforms such as those mentioned above.

Collaboration System Integration

Plexobit’s Collaboration System Integration is a solution that integrates Salesforce and SharePoint/Office 365, creating a single source of information for every customer, partner and vendor. This innovative integration helps your organization to access critical business data from any device at any time — so you can be more productive than ever! Our team’s extensive experience will ensure that the integration is successful and that the final product is the best available on the market today.

Marketing Automation Integration

Plexobit Marketing Automation Integration binds Salesforce CRM with marketing automation. It helps in better alignment of Marketing and Sales functions, driving better collaboration & communication between the two so that you can make more informed decisions on your campaigns. It enables you to execute complex workflows that are otherwise difficult to set up and maintain. Such integrations aid in the creation of customer journeys, prospect engagement, lead nurturing, and improved campaign management.

Salesforce.com can be integrated with Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Marketo, HubSpot, and MailChimp by our certified experts.

Accounting Integration

Plexobit Accounting integration is a solution for the sales team to get updated with the financial data and records. Users can access information about invoices, such as when they were created, as well as information about their profile and data-driven insights. The integration of Salesforce accounting has made it a more convenient way to work. We have a team of experts who have worked with various accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, and others.