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Salesforce Implementation

Studies say that an efficient implementation of Salesforce can result in upto 30% increase in lead conversion, 28% increase in sales revenue and a whopping 45% increase in customer retention. Salesforce Implementation can reinforce your sales, marketing as well as marketing efforts. But unfortunately, not all businesses are technologically adept to make an efficient switch to Salesforce, even though it is the right thing to do for any business. 

That’s where Plexobit, a leading Salesforce Implementation Company in India, comes into play! Plexobit’s Salesforce Implementation Services are designed to assist businesses in overcoming technological challenges and gaining the strategic advantage they need to operate at peak efficiency. 

Salesforce solutions alter the way your company operates and expands. However, the value of your Salesforce solution is determined by how well it is implemented and used within your company. Plexobit’s highly experienced consultants provide customised implementation services to meet your company’s needs while taking into account current processes, future goals, and expected ROI.

We have in-depth knowledge of the platform, which allows us to assist your sales, marketing, service, and support teams in achieving a common goal. Our dedicated implementation services team can assist you in implementing Salesforce to gain greater visibility across your business or migrating from another system. We’ll collaborate with you to fine-tune your strategy, implement your system, and transform your company’s internal processes and communication channels so that your sales and support teams can succeed.

With a huge experience in the field of CRMs, particularly Salesforce, Plexibot offers Salesforce Implementation Services that include consulting, configuration, customization, migration and integration. Our efforts benefit various industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance and Banking, Public Sector, Telecoms and much more. Let us talk in detail about some of our offerings under Salesforce Implementation Services:

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Plexobit is a firm that helps healthcare organisations manage vaccine supply chains. Our Vaccine Cloud streamlines the process of administering vaccines, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of vaccine inventory. Plexobit’s robust information technology infrastructure ensures the security, availability, and compliance of sensitive data belonging to our customers and end users at all times. The Vaccine Cloud is a logical extension of our platform, and it benefits every segment of the healthcare industry that strives to keep hands clean and lives healthy on a daily basis through its use.

Health Cloud Implementation

Plexobit’s Salesforce Health Cloud team will assist you in securely and efficiently adopting, configuring, and expanding the Salesforce platform in order to provide real-time services to patients. Just like a personal contact centre, you can use us to consolidate your patient relationships online, track a sales funnel from start to finish and book appointments online. In addition to connecting your entire medical team with patients by delivering patient information in real time, our Salesforce Health Cloud is a revolutionary tool that improves patient outcomes.

Sales Cloud Implementation

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation works alongside you to automate the sales processes, this benefits both sales managers and sales reps. Efficiently implemented Sales Cloud features facilitate a well-structured sales process, give directions about following the said process, provide extensive details about the customers that aid an efficient customer communication via multiple channels. If administered properly, Sales Cloud can bring your sales more value. Plexibot is regarded as the leading Salesforce implementation company based on our demonstrated track record of successfully implementing Salesforce from the ground up to the point where it begins to generate positive ROI for our customers within the first month of deployment. We work with you to develop a customised implementation plan that is tailored to your specific sales objectives.

Service Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud, enables companies to provide quick and effective customer service. Customers can interact with Salesforce Service Cloud through a web-based interface. Salesforce Service Cloud is a multi-tenant customer support application that provides high-quality features that allow you to focus on your services and customers.

Customer service is a top priority for Plexobit, and our Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation services are designed to help your organisation provide better customer service. With our Salesforce Service Cloud implementation services, you can assist your company in increasing productivity and customer engagement while also having the ability to deliver personalised experiences at a low cost.

Commerce Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation can meet all of your B2B and B2C eCommerce requirements. By providing excellent customer service, improving catalogues, and making shopping seamless, you can increase your sales with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Plexobit is a leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation partner, helping large and medium-sized businesses design and build enterprise commerce cloud solutions. By implementing the best sales solution tailored to your needs, our team of experts works passionately to make your business more profitable, efficient, and customer-friendly.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud from Plexibot is a marketing automation tool that helps businesses increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. It works hard to deliver tremendous results, assuring a hefty ROI, with proper implementation and integration with other softwares like Sales Cloud and Services Cloud. Plexibot’s Marketing Cloud Implementation supports businesses’ marketing efforts in a variety of ways, including creating customer-specific content, sending personalised outbound emails, and using predictive intelligence to make behaviour-based decisions while delivering optimal customer journeys. Plexibot’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation will help you get closer to your customers.

Pardot Implementation

Pardot is a powerful tool that assists businesses in increasing their business leads through the automation of their marketing campaigns. When you work with Plexobit, our team of experts can assist you in setting up your Pardot implementation as well as integrations with Salesforce with the least amount of downtime. Training and support are all included in our Pardot implementation services, as well as data migration and custom development and integration. Allow the knowledgeable Pardot consultants at Plexobit to assist you in automating your marketing campaigns.

Salesforce Communities Implementation

Customer service that is tailored to the needs of your customers. Plexobit’s Salesforce Communities Implementation is a cloud-based software solution that assists you in the creation of group workspaces, private or public group pages, as well as your own private network of clients. Your communities, groups, and user profiles are all part of the larger community. Salesforce Communities Implementation is something we provide through the use of Salesforce Communities.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Salesforce CPQ Implementation accelerates the closing of complex deals through the use of a structured and scalable sales process, allowing a team to eliminate guesswork and shorten the time it takes to complete a deal. CPQ Implementation by Plexobit provides a structured sales process that is specifically designed for complex deals. It establishes repeatable processes for deciding which deals to pursue, when to send business update emails, and how to evaluate the sales readiness of opportunities.


Salesforce Implementation Services that include consulting, configuration, customization, migration and integration.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Implementation

The team at Plexobit is passionate about assisting non-profit organisations with Salesforce consultants. We enjoy assisting smaller, underserved non-profits in gaining a foothold and effectively growing their programmes through the use of technology. Our goal is to empower your mission, whether you’re looking for software to interact with and retain donors or want to improve the efficiency of your fundraising initiatives, we got you covered with our best-in-class Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) experts will collaborate with you to develop custom solutions for your organisation, as well as provide ongoing support throughout the implementation.

Salesforce IOT Implementation

The Salesforce IoT implementation aims to increase business efficiency. It empowers enterprises to develop smart customer profiles and input data, regardless of location, time, network, and device. It provides real-time analysis of data for decision-making involving service automation and much more. The integrated IoT development framework empowers the IT organizations to simplify their cloud services and to upgrade their sales, service, and marketing processes.

Plexibot is a salesforce consultant that specialises in the best Salesforce cloud integration as well as Internet of Things systems. Our IoT services assist you in integrating Salesforce with IoT in the most effective way possible and providing better customer support.

Einstein Analytics Implementation

For your company, analytics is a game-changer. It gives you real-time actionable insights, allowing you to make better decisions and achieve better business results. Plexobit’s application development services offer a complete solution for integrating Einstein Analytics with Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud. Our Plexobit Einstein Analytics experts can help you create, enhance, and connect your own intelligent analytics apps to your own data sources using Salesforce Cloud.

Financial Cloud Services Implementation

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the one tool that keeps track of everything in your financial services firm. It is located at the heart of your organisation. A flexible, cloud-based approach to business management and marketing tools allows you to take advantage of powerful features that can assist you in streamlining your business processes and making your customers’ lives easier. Plexobit assists you in integrating Salesforce with financial institutions and advisory firms so that you can better meet the needs of your customers and tailor the application to your specific services.

Salesforce Inbox(IQ) Implementation

Open your door to the world of email with the Salesforce InBox(IQ). Its focus on features and compatibility makes it a great choice for businesses. This highly dependable email client is designed to be compatible with other platforms, giving you all the usability benefits of an Internet-based solution and more. The implementation results in an innovative single universal inbox that provides better assistance to the clients, prospects, partners, and customers. For a small business that’s in need of a solid email solution, this is the answer.

Field Service Lightning Implementation

Salesforce Field Service Lightning simplifies the process of managing service requests and integrating service and sales teams. With an implementation team from Plexobit, you can leverage integration between Field Service Lightning and Salesforce. Our Field Service Lightning experts are skilled at integrating Salesforce with Field Service Lightning, simplifying the process and increasing efficiency. You can streamline Field Service Lightning and improve customer satisfaction by allowing your employees to work seamlessly in Salesforce.

Quip Implementation

Organizations are turning to Quip, the most effective and widely used cloud-based document and records management solution. Plexobit provides dependable Quip implementation services to help your company realise the benefits of Quip right away. We’re here to provide effective and painless Quip implementation support from A to Z, thanks to our team of certified and experienced experts. Your company will have an easy way to create, store, and share everlasting files with Plexobit’s Quip implementation services. In all of our efforts, we place a high value on attention to detail and adherence to business and IT requirements.